Annual Events

Children’s Day 2022

The month of October unfolded with a band here at Ladies College where lessons ceased to accommodate the Children’s day festivities which transformed the school into a carnival.

Just a day when the student's body shed themselves of their uniforms, worries and responsibilities and arrive at school in an array of colours, styles and accessories ready to party it out; and party they did.

Organized by the prefect body the festivities included a mehendi Stall. DJ, an all-day movies theatre. Trampoline. Bouncer and other exciting activities

The highlights of the day for most were the treasure hunt which was very creatively designed to take the form of a clock and comprised of 12 interestingly named teams, and the Dunk-a-Cop Stall which stirred a lot of excitement amongst the little ones. The day was truly enjoyable and unforgettable for one for all and left us yearning for next year’s (from Red Letter)