Mabel Simon (Main) Hall Restoration Project

Our “Main Hall”, integral in the life of Ladies’ College students for nearly 70 years, needs to be repaired and refurbished without delay. Work to be carried out includes: structural repairs, water and fire proofing; replacement of the damaged ceiling; updating of electrical, mechanical and other key systems; and repainting. Chairs and balcony benches will be either repaired or replaced, and new stage curtains, blinds, and lights will be installed as needed. This work commenced in mid-April and is scheduled for completion by end-October 2024, in time for the School’s 125th anniversary celebrations in 2025.

The School launched its Hallmark (Dedicate a Chair) fund-raising campaign in mid-2023, estimating that this restoration would require around Rs. 250-275 million. After an in-depth assessment was completed this year, the final cost estimate came to Rs. 315 million.

Currently, Rs. 265 million of this estimated cost has been raised. This leaves a shortfall of Rs. 50 million to be raised in the next six months.

Having played a pivotal role for seven decades, today the Hall is a vibrant centre of school activities. In constant use, both during and after the regular school day, its various activities reflect the multi-faceted education and enrichment that Ladies’ College continues to provide.

We are confident that our alumnae will rally together to bridge the current Rs. 50 million funding gap for the Hall restoration.

We ask you to give as much as you are able. Every contribution counts!

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For any inquiries please contact the Accounts Department via email to or WhatsApp via +94 76 098 5179


Donate by any of the following payment methods:

  1. By cash or cheque, to the Accounts Department, Ladies’ College, and by completing the Donation form provided there. An official receipt will be issued upon payment. Only temporary receipts will be issued for cheque and foreign currency payments, until final amounts are known after cheque realisation and currency conversion at bank.
  2. By Payment Gateway for Credit and Debit Card Payments - Click here to use Payment Gateway
  3. By Transfer From Local or Foreign Banks (Online or Direct)

    Please transfer funds to the following Account:

    Account Holders’ Name: Ladies' College

    Account Holder’s Address: 66 Sir Ernest de Silva Mawatha, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka

    Bank Name: Commercial Bank – Sri Lanka

    Bank Branch: Elite Branch

    Bank Address: No 7, R G Senanayake Mawatha (Gregory’s Road)

    Account No: 8017322511

    Bank Code: 7056

    Branch Code: 0169

    Swift Code: CCEYLKLX

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