Annual Events

Founders Day 2023

Ladies’ College celebrates Founders Day on the 12th of February in memory of our founders, Ms. Lilian Nixon and Ms. Elizabeth Whitney who travelled from England in 1900 to Ceylon.

Although they planned to join a school, upon their arrival they learnt that the Ceylon Missionary Society had chosen them to start a school instead!

Every year at our Founders’ Day service we give thanks to God for their lives and those who followed thereafter. It is a day that we remember every Principal, teacher and staff member who has served the school with love, recognizing that the fruit of their labour of love and service is what we reap today. 

In 2022, due to the Local Advanced Level examinations being held in February, we celebrated Founders’ Day on the 11th of March.

The day began with a thanksgiving service in the school Chapel. Due to the inability to physically celebrate last year, prefects from 2021 and 2022 were allowed to lead the procession. Due to covid restrictions, limited students were allowed to be present at the service. Nevertheless, the whole school was able to watch the livestream of the service from their classrooms via the smart boards. 

A book titled ‘Stories of Faith’, which features 122 stories from past and present students and teachers was dedicated to the service.

A staff breakfast and class parties were held thereafter and then the students were given a surprise assembly put together by the staff titled ‘Kiss the Teacher’ a musical appreciation featuring Abba songs through the life of a student at Ladies’ College. The day ended with the Netball match between the prefects of 2021 and 2022 and staff members. 

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