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Kindergarten Activity Day 2019 : Waterfalls and their stories


Principal's Message

Waterfalls are serene gifts of mother nature. Have you stood near a waterfall and watched its roaring cascade?  They have a majesty of their own that enhances the beauty of the environment. A waterfall is formed when a stream or river flows over a precipice and plunges downward. A typical waterfall is a kind in which a stream or river leaps over the edge and falls freely through the air until it hits the lower level of the streambed.

In many instances, the strong currents near falls are often harnessed to generate electricity. Today much of the water of Niagara Falls is diverted for the generation of hydroelectric power. On occasion, so much water is diverted for this purpose that the waterfall itself weakens greatly. Waterfalls sometimes form a barrier to navigation. In the past, towns grew up by waterfalls because they marked the beginning of portages, where goods on boats were unloaded.

Waterfalls and their environments help to maintain a rich bio-diversity. They play as tourist attraction sites. Some waterfalls can be viewed with ease and others can be seen by penetrating thick forests. There are 19 hidden beautiful waterfalls in the Sinharaja Forest – which is a world heritage site.  We have a responsibility to protect waterfalls because they are a national treasure and part of our natural heritage.

There are many undeniably awesome waterfalls in the world we live in. Various legends and folklore are entwined around these natural attractions. Today, the students in the Kindergarten will reinforce what they have learnt in their classrooms by enacting many of these stories in a delightful manner on stage, through song, dance & drama.

May God Bless You!
Mrs Eesha Speldewinde

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