Annual Reports

Annual Report 2023

It gives me great pleasure to welcome all of you for our 2023 Prize Giving. We are honoured to have with us our chief guests, Professors Nilanthi De Silva and Janaka De Silva, Clergy, Special Invitees, Members of the Governing Body, OGA and PTA, former Principals and Vice-Principals, our Manager, Vice-Principal, Sectional Heads and Deputies, Consultants, Staff, Donors, Students and Parents.

We are faced with an enigma this evening. It is simply not possible in a few minutes to explain to all of you this evening the outstanding contribution made by one individual as the:

1st woman Vice-Chancellor of the University of Kelaniya;

Senior Professor of Parasitology

Chair, Department of Parasitology

Over 100 publications she has;

Scholar she is;

Over 100 publications she has;

WHO Expert Advisor

Advisor to many International entities;

Dean Faculty of Medicine of Kelaniya;

MD Parasitology / Msc. Medical Parasitology / MBBS; and Head Girl of Ladies' College

Well, I simply have to welcome Professor Nilanthi (Ellawala) De Silva as this exceptional person. Apart from all these outstanding accolades and accomplishments, she has consistently stood out from her days at LC as an LCite who carries the spirit of LC – of humility, integrity, ability to work well with people and living a life of service.

Professor De Silva (to some of us ‘dear Nilanthi’), we are truly grateful that you accepted our invitation to be our chief guest at our 2023 Prize Giving. As John F Kennedy put it - "I think the success of any school can be measured by the contribution the alumni make to our national life."

Looking at the snapshots of our school year – it has been a ‘normal year’ after 2018. Hence, we count ourselves truly blessed beyond measure. We start with history that was made this year (2023) –

We look at our busy year through our celebrations and the ethos of sound learning’,varied natural life’ and ‘spiritual growth’


We celebrated our 123rd Founders Day on the 10th of February, 2023. The traditional Prefects vs. Teachers Netball match was won by the teachers.  We were able to celebrate Avurudhu, Children’s Day, Sinhala Day and Tamil Day.


Successful learning is not what children achieve or the entering into elite universities or prestigious professions, but who they become – and how they treat others.

Our Nursery held Pet Land in the 1st Term and thereafter working with their annual theme of ‘Amazing Sri Lanka’, the children enjoyed learning about places and different cultures and the concert held on the theme ‘My Sri Lanka’ was a wonderful experience for the kids.  The new Nursery building was declared open on August 25 which consists of a hall/music room, library, classrooms and washrooms. The present Nursery building ‘Boxford’ was also refurbished.

KG activities were based on the theme ‘Paintings and their stories’ with their Activity Day performances and Exhibition. 'Kite Tales’ was the Book Day theme and the KG Science Exhibition was about ‘Wetlands’. The students were also taken to Diyasuru wetland park and some students along with their parents thereafter participated in a wetland cleanup program. A new uniform (of red skorts and a white t-shirt) was introduced for Grades 1 and 2 students. 

Both Primary and Middle Schools had their 1st Term project on ‘Living Math’ and their Book Day on ‘Kite Tales’ where students excitedly learnt kite making from a young team who (travelled down to LC from Jaffna) had secured a placing at the Jaffna Kite Festival. The Primary unlocked stories from history and journeyed on an extraordinary voyage of learning and discovery when they staged ‘The Keymaster’ travelling back in time through exciting historical stories from around the world.

One day Math Camps were introduced for the first time in Middle School and it was both an enriching learning experience for both students and teachers. An ongoing education programme on ‘Body Safety’ was also introduced for Grades 6 and 7.  An alternate education programme named “LC STARS” (Skills / Technology / Accademia / Responsibility) was put in place for Grades 6 and 7 students who opted to do some of their subjects in their school curriculum whilst experiencing practical learning and life skills.

A one-week Orientation Programme was held for Grade 12s. They attended a full day of outbound activity at KDU and visited a local university on one day. Soft skills classes were held. An internship programme was conducted for students (Grade 13). 3 students have submitted their log books for the bronze medal and 19 new students from Grade 12 signed up for the International Duke of Edinburgh Programme that was introduced last year. Silver Level was also introduced and 5 students signed up for this level.  A successful 8-week soft skills programme was carried out for the Grade 14 students. Many foreign and local universities visited Ladies’ College and conducted student and parent awareness-building workshops.  A meet-and-chat opportunity for students and parents was made available at the University Exhibition 'Futuristic’ held at Ladies’ College. 42 Higher Education bodies/institutes and more (both local and foreign) participated in this event. Our BTEC (Hospitality) students as part of their course work held two events - ‘Aroma Lanka’ (Sri Lankan buffet) and a Fusion Food Fiesta. Ladies’ College is now a centre for SAT exams.

School assemblies were held on a range of themes - Literary assemblies on the theme of ‘LC Authors and Poets’, Religious Society assemblies on the theme of ‘Pride’ in the respective faiths, Sri Lankan women’s costumes, 100 years of Disney, Sri Lanka’s Foreign Policy etc. Foreign musicians from the U.S. also performed at an assembly and Mr. Erik Soleheim, career politician, diplomat, peace negotiator and presently the International Climate Advisor to Sri Lanka also addressed students at assembly.

Inter House competitions (Solo Singing, Sinhala and Tamil Drama, Oratorics, Debating, General Knowledge, Sports etc.) and other competitions (Art, Essay writing, Cartoon, Digital animation, Photography etc.) were held throughout the year.

We applaud our students for excelling in their academics whilst juggling numerous co-curricular and extracurricular activities, tournaments, competitions etc. 

Academic Awards and Accolades

World Prizes

Yenushka Dayaratne for Economics
Anagi Gunasekera for Business

Media was introduced as a subject for the 1st time to the British AL curriculum last year. Yeshiah Peiris was ranked 10th in the world.  

Sri Lankan Prizes

Ayana Gunasekera - 1st in SL for Psychology 

Our sincere thanks to the tireless efforts of our academic and non-academic staff who supported and contributed in numerous ways to ensure that our students kept abreast of their academic curricular.


Always remember you matter, you’re important and you are loved, and you bring to this world things no one else can

- The boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse


We proudly announce that Ladies’ College won all three of its longstanding Encounters after 15 years (last won all three in 2008).












3.2 Overseas representation

The renowned Indian sports nutritionist, Ms. Rashmi Cherian, who visited Sri Lanka conducted a special programme for the students and parents of Grade 4 upwards on Nutrition for High Performance.

We are grateful to all our sports teachers, teachers-in-charge of various activities, coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, Support staff and all those who toiled and supported our students' numerous activities and programmes.

3.3 Extra-Curricular activities
General Knowledge Team - Runners up at Brain-busters

English Choir

The renowned Indian sports nutritionist, Ms. Rashmi Cherian, who visited Sri Lanka conducted a special programme for the students and parents of Grade 4 upwards on Nutrition for High Performance.

We are grateful to all our sports teachers, teachers-in-charge of various activities, coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, Support staff and all those who toiled and supported our students' numerous activities and programmes.

Hewisi Band

Hewisi Band Concert “Ridma Gathika '23” was held on the theme “Samsaara”. The students depicted different stages of life from birth to death in dance.  LC Hewisi Band also played at other inter-school events.

Dance Troupe

Invited to perform at the 200 year celebrations of St John’s Jaffna.


Ladies’ College was placed 1st at the Inter House Shakespeare Drama Competition after 9 years, Inter House English Drama Competition and a public performance of it was also held.

Little Friends, Girl Guides & Rangers

A Pop-up Bazaar/ A Campfire & Food Sale with international cuisine was organized to commemorate the “Thinking Day”/ “Flying up” Ceremony held in the back garden, where Little Friends graduate to Girl Guides.


Naveeta Fernando of Grade 6 was awarded a “Silver Award “ this year at The  Queens Commonwealth Essay Competition 2023. 

Sachini Yahampath and Shaza Shafraz were placed 3rd at the Inter School Quiz Competition organized by the Royal Thai Embassy to raise awareness of ASEAN countries and their cultures.

Minara Nanayakkara of Grade 12 was placed 3rd at the Inter School French Spelling BEE Competition.

3.4 Clubs and Societies

Student Christian Movement

The Annual SCM Overnight Stay (Grade 8 upwards). Students from Bishop’s College and Methodist College participated/ Inter SCM Day was held with the students of Carey College and Methodist College/Annual SCM Camp was held on the theme “He Lives in You.” Dr Uditha Jayatunga addressed the Christian students of Grade 10 upwards on Intelligent Design as Proof of Creation

Buddhist Society

Society trip to Ratnapura / Members organized a Bodhi Pooja at Mettaramaya Temple, Bambalapitiya for the students of the batch of 2022 that is sitting for their O/L examinations this year/ A Bhakthi Gee Recital was held.

Hindu Society

Each grade displayed their teamwork through actively researching and performing untold religious stories as dramas during the prayer time/Students participated in the Inter School competitions organized by the Hindu Union of Royal College. They presented Navarathri at assembly.

Islam Society

Members participated in the Islamic Day Competition organized by the Wycherley International School/A guest speaker addressed the members on the topic ‘Muharram’/A Qaseeda competition was organized for junior, intermediate and senior categories.

Sinhala Literacy Society

Sinhala Day was held on the theme ‘Chalana Sithuwam’ (on Sinhala cinema)

Tamil Literary Society

Tamil Day was held on the theme Panja Poothangal’ (the five elements of creation)

English Debating Society

LC emerged champions at the Debaters Council League Playoffs after competing at 16 tournaments/ ‘A’ team reached the semifinals at the Olcott’s Debating Championship organized by Dharmaraja College, Kandy/ Runners up at the Inter-school Debating tournament (by EU)

Sinhala Debating Society

Vagavi Sinhala Inter School Debating Competition/ ranked No: 4 in the super 16 for Sinhala debating

Heritage Club

The members successfully organized the “Amazing Race 23” in collaboration with the Histo-Archaeo Club of S. Thomas College Mt. Lavinia.  15 teams took part visiting many famous sites in Colombo along the route from Ladies’ College to S. Thomas College. The event was concluded with an Award Ceremony and a Fun Fair.

Environmental Society

Participated at the Tree Distribution Campaign organized by the Leo Club of Royal College. / students from Grade 9 upwards visited to the ZeroTrash Collection Center in Borelasgamuwa / Launching of the Butterfly Gardens and a vegetable garden behind the hostel.

ICT Society

Members of the ICT Society of S. Thomas’ College Mount Lavinia organized a social outreach programme, to improve computer literacy of less privileged students. This program consisted of a graphic designing workshop conducted by Mr. Shanaka de Silva/Members who organized an ICT Day titled “Technosphere ‘23” in collaboration with the ICT Club of S. Thomas College Mt. Lavinia. Many invited schools participated.

ICT Society

Members of the ICT Society of S. Thomas’ College Mount Lavinia organized a social outreach programme, to improve computer literacy of less privileged students. This program consisted of a graphic designing workshop conducted by Mr. Shanaka de Silva/Members who organized an ICT Day titled “Technosphere ‘23” in collaboration with the ICT Club of S. Thomas College Mt. Lavinia. Many invited schools participated.

Math Society

Participated in the ‘Mathematics’ Competition organized by the Mathematics Society of Ananda College/ participated at the ‘ADEIRO’ - Mathematics Day organized by Ananda College at the BMICH in order to commemorate the World Mathematics Day/ volunteered at the World Autism Day Awareness Programme/Members presented “Artificial Intelligence in the field of Mathematics" at Assembly. A short film was created on the topic by Middle School.

Science Society

Science Day was held on the theme  ‘The Code’ Middle School.

Sri Lanka Unites

“Hands of Hope” - members raised funds by creating a banner with hand imprints to commemorate Independence/ Two representatives of the club along with the Vice Principal Mrs. Balasooriya and Teacher in charge Mrs. Daluwatta attended the book launch and farewell of the SLU founder on March 30 / Members visited an orphanage in an estate in Mathugama and donated a television/Members conducted assembly. Guest speaker - Mr. Nissanka De Silva founder of the Zero Plastic Movement addressed the students on ‘Zero Plastic Concept”.

Model United Nations Club

BMICH/Colombo Operated Model United Nations (COMUN) at the Overseas School of Colombo/Women’s Day sale in school - sold stickers to empower girls.

Photography Club - Photography Exhibition

Art & Design - Art Exhibition

Music Circle

A Stationery Sale was carried out to raise funds for Music Day / Students of the Music Circle joined with the students offering French as a subject and held a program titled ‘Transcend - La fete de la musique’. This event combined different genres of music and French cuisine. The main aim of the event was to strengthen inter-school ties by uniting students through educational musical activities, performances and exploring French cuisine. Many schools participated.

3.5 LC Social Responsibility Projects

What do you want to be when you grow up?. “Kind” said the boy

- The boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

3.6 Excursions
3.7 Student Exchange Programmes

Deaf & Blind School Exchange - Ten of our Grade 10 students were sent to the Blind School and 4 students from the Blind School were sent to Ladies’ College. They got themselves actively involved in the extra-curricular activities. Accommodation was provided to the 4 blind students in the Hostel.

Indo Lanka Exchange - In August this year a new Student exchange programme with the St. Mark’s School in Delhi was commenced. 10 students accompanied by the Vice Principal and a teacher travelled to India in August. Continuing the exchange programme 10 students accompanied by two teachers from the St. Mark’s School in Delhi visited Ladies’ College in October.

German Exchange (15 years) - The German Exchange Programme with the Isernhargen School in Hannover was resumed after a long break. The Principal was invited by the host school and she accompanied 5 students to Germany. The students and Principal from Germany will visit Sri Lanka in January 2024.


The spiritual growth of our children is an integral part of our life at LC. Morning worship in all four faiths was held and Communion Services were held each month and staff communion services were held at the beginning of each Term. Special services held this year: Blessing of the Grade 1 students, Founders Day Service, Passover Service (Main School / KG), Easter Service (KG and for the first time Nursery held its own Easter service), Harvest Festival, Confirmation service, Valedictory Service, respective Nativity services for Nursery, KG and Primary and the Carol Service. At a Communion Service on Children’s Day, 10 altar servers took their pledge. 

Father Christie Joseph our Chaplain, is an active part of our LC life in every sense. Students and staff particularly enjoy his thought provoking messages in Chapel every Monday. We are truly blessed by his presence, guidance, care and support.

Buddhist, Hindu and Islam prayers were also held. Bakthi geetha programmes were held by the KG, Primary and the rest of the School. Navarathri and Iftar were also celebrated. Each of these societies carried out religious activities and outreach work. 



It is with much sadness that I record the loss of a dear student Janani Hettiarachchi (Grade 13) who passed away on August 21. Janani was the Deputy Band Leader and stood out for her faith.  A service of Thanksgiving was held to celebrate her life in the Chapel on November 23, 2023.

To Our:

My heartfelt thanks go out to all those who silently stood on the sidelines praying and upholding our journey in prayer this year, my mentors, dear friends who never faltered – each of you have just liked the importance of heartbeats ……. not been visible but silently been the wind beneath my wings. Thank you to my two angels without wings – your love and so much more has been a consistent support for making the impossible possible for me.

In conclusion, it is said that your education is seen in your behaviour. Hence, ensure that your behaviour consistently reflects your LC lifestyle of integrity, humility and service to others …... for this then is our victory even our faith.

Thank you and God bless,

Mrs. Deepika Dassenaike

5th December, 2023