‘HALLMARK’ – Main Hall Fundraising Project

The Mabel Simon Hall which stands as one of the hallmarks of Ladies’ College has been integral to student life for nearly seven decades. Daily wear and tear and much needed repairs that have sprung up and refurbishment of several aspects have to be done – some of it with urgency.

The cost of carrying out repairs and refurbishment is astronomical especially, in the present-day context that we are faced with in Sri Lanka. Work to be carried out includes structural repairs and enhancements plus a much-needed upgrade of the existing facilities (additional seating, upgrading sound and lights, etc.), without altering or affecting the aesthetics and acoustics of the Hall.

The architectural and engineering team has advised that the work be carried out in two phases bearing in mind the costs and time factors – especially, considering that the Hall is such an integral part of our daily student life and activities. We are confident that with the generous support of alumni, parents and well-wishers through this special fundraising project “Hallmark” (name your seat project), the amount needed could be collected expeditiously.

Through ‘Hallmark’ name your seat project, for Rs. 200,000 or Rs. 100,000 you can have a seat in our Main Hall named after you, your family, a loved one or your batch.

The link below could also be used to make an online contribution/transfer or email to proceed with “Hallmark” – name your seat project.

Do hurry ……..… seats are limited!

We look forward to your enthusiastic and generous support.

Ladies’ College Hall Upgrade Committee 

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